Updated January 14, 2006
Old Roslyn Area Postcards, p.2
These cards give a sense of the way things looked at the turn of
the 20th century when the Mackays and Harbor Hill florished
Does anybody still remember dirt streets in Roslyn?

By the way,
that is Harbor Hill, site of the Mackay mansion, directly behind (east of) the Clock Tower in this view.
If you don't remember dirt streets in Roslyn, how about the trolley cars that ran all over Long Island and connected Roslyn to Mineola between Nov 1907 and April 1920?

Of course the automobile replaced this antique version of light rail public transportation in the 1920s.
Another view of the Post Office in Roslyn Village, c.1910.

Cars were quickly replacing horses by 1910.

The Post Office
is on the right. Pickard's Drug Store is on the left. Mr. Pickard commissioned most of these post cards which were big sellers in the days before everyone had their own camera.