Updated October 1, 2005
The Mackay Gothic Tapestry Collection - Harbor Hill, p.3
Hector and Andromache in Two Scenes
made at Tournai in the third quarter of the Fifteenth Century
    "The most important and most interesting group of Gothic historical tapestries that has survived, pictures the Story of the Trojan War as told romantically by Benoit de Sainte Maure in his roman de troie, and later retold by others in Latin and in French, in prose and in verse.  The finest tapestry of this group [in 1925] in America is Hector and Andromache, which is a fragment amounting to one-fourth of one tapestry of the original series of twelve.  The tapestry contains two scenes.  Above:  Hector putting his armor on while Andromache on her knees, with her two children, her mother Hecuba, her Trojan sister-in-law Polixena, her Greek sister-in-law Helen of Troy and another lady who with her left hand wipes away the tears, tries to persuade him not to go to battle on that day;  below:  Hector in full armor and mounted on Galatee, and attended by his squire and by two mounted knights, listens impatiently to his father, King Priam who detains him."     Quote from, Tapestries of Clarence H. Mackay, New York, 1925, by George Leland Hunter.