Updated August 25, 2006
The Horses of Marly
Paris - Mackay Gardens - Roslyn High School
Paris, 2005
Images courtesy of the Louvre Museum, Paris, France
Sculptor: Guillaume ler Coustou, 1677-1746.

Horses Restrained By Grooms known as the Horses of Marly, Paris, 1739-1745,
Marble group.
Commissioned by Louis XV for the horse-pond at the Chateau de Marly.
In 1795, the fame of these horses earned them a place at the entrance to the
Champs-Elysees. They entered the Louvre in 1894 and are on display there today.
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The Louvre Museum
Clarence Mackay had full size copies of the Horses of Marly in pink marble mounted on high pedestals at the west end of his formal gardens.
The gardens were originally laid out by Guy Lowell during estate construction (1899-1902). The gardens were redesigned/replanted by Jacques Greber, c.1910. 
The Mackay Horses of Marly were probably installed by Jacques Greber.
Roslyn, c.1930 Roslyn, 2005
One of two Horses of Marly,
Mackay Gardens, Roslyn, NY
Same Horse of Marly statue above, was relocated to the "front yard"
of Roslyn High School, Roslyn, NY, in the early '50s. In the early '60s the statue was moved to the entrance circle where it stands today.
(picture on right taken by
Ted Biedrzycki in January 2005)
The statue at Roslyn High School has been professionally and beautifully restored several times before by Roslyn sculptor and painter, George Gach.
(See picture on page 118 of
Roslyn-Then And Now, 1992 Edition).

But, now with the groom's head, left arm and upper torso, as well as horse's front hooves and parts of his mane gone,
will it or can it be restored again?
Question:  Does anyone know where the other statue of Mackay's Horses of Marly is
or what happened to it?

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