Updated December 17, 2004
Mackay Related Communications Systems
This page and follow-on pages feature company logos, advertisements and political cartoons that trace the growth of the Commercial Cable Company, the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company and later the Mackay Radio Company through (1) "The Mackay-Bennett System", into (2) "The Mackay System" and finally into (3) "The International System" brought about by the mutually beneficial 1928 merger of the Mackay companies into the five year old International Telephone & Telegraph Company (ITT) being organized by Colonel Sosthenes Behn.
In The Beginning,
The "Mackay-Bennett System" -1883/1884 to 1902
The Mackay-Bennett System began with the formation of the Mackay-Bennett Cable Company in December 1883. Shortly there-after, the name was changed to the Commercial Cable Company (CCC). The CCC quickly layed two Trans-Atlantic cables in 1884 in direct competition with monopolist Jay Gould's cables. Gould was charging exorbitantly high rates of 50 cents a word. Mackay began operations in Dec 1884 at 40 cents a word. In April 1886, Gould dropped his rate to 12 cents per word. Mackay dropped to 25 cents per word and then in Sep 1887 matched the rate of 12 cents. After 2 years, 5 months, Gould finally gave up the fight. At the end of the rate war, the agreed to rate became 25 cents per word.  See late 1880s cartoon depicting the 29 month rate war that ensued between Jay Gould and John W. Mackay.
1887, Note Two Trans-Atlantic Cables
Commercial Cable Company, Mackay-Bennett Cables
1892, Early hand-transcribed telegram.
Postal Telegraph-Cable Company in connection with the Mackay-Bennett Cables
1897, Note Three Trans-Atlantic Cables
Commercial Cable Company, Mackay-Bennett System
1901, Postal Telegraph Telegram
Note John W. Mackay shown as President of Commercial Cable Company