Updated May 21, 2006
Mackay Stories, p.14
May 20, 2006

    I got lost in your site for a very pleasant afternoon of reminiscing over my childhood, which included many happy days spent on the Mackay Estate.  I lived on Salem Road, in Strathmore and my house backed onto Harbor Hill Road directly across from the estate.  My brothers and I still have a great deal of nostalgia for it.  I know several of the people that have posted messages here, and even took the time to get back in touch with Peggy Regan Castle, who graduated from RHS the same year I didn't.  I say didn't, as I was a '66 grad, but not from RHS, as I got kicked out the prior year.  Peggy's uncle, the much revered Renny Witzig, was a strong influence on my life and was one of the reasons I made it as far as I did at RHS.  Bill Martin has often told me of his adventures on the estate, and we all have talked of many memories in its regard.  Another one that pops into my mind is one of the horse statues, which have been more than adequately detailed on your site.  The statue at RHS which is in such disrepair now, had been restored to its full glory by the sculptor father of Peter and Sue Gach, denizens of Roslyn Heights for many years.  I could go on for days with my reminiscing over the Mackay Estate, but my fondest memory is of the day we took our babcha (grandmother) up to the estate and tried to loose her.  She actually beat us back home and then proceeded to beat us at home.  I think my brother Carl got the worst of that encounter.

                                                                                                                           Ken Merena, Draper, Utah
Left: Cynthia Shub, Ken Merena, Herb Slutsky and Merri Hollander shown during the first Roslyn High School  gala class reunion at the Roslyn "Duck Pond" in 2000.
Cynthis Shub has featured this Clarence Mackay website on the lead page of this Roslyn High Alumni page at  www.roslynhigh.com/
Ken Merena has written a story that will amaze you. Ever thought about going 30 miles in 9 minutes? How about on a motorcycle?  Click here for the details.
    Ken (see comment at top of this page) has been one of the primary organizers of the big, multiple class gala reunions that have been successfully held beginning in 2000 down at the "Duck Pond" as most of us called the Roslyn Park when we were growing up in Roslyn.  According to the Roslyn News accounts of the reunions, Ken arrives on the first day of each reunion at dawn on his motorcycle, fresh in from a ride in from his home in Utah.  Ken says he's always willing to pass along his telephone number and email address to anyone wishing to contact him.  I'll add it here "in the clear", when he gives me the OK.