Updated April 30, 2005
Mackay Stories, p.7
April 15, 2005

     Bill, your website brings back a lot of memories of what it was like to grow up in Roslyn before the days of the Long Island Expressway and the building boom that followed.

     A few years ago, my wife and I who now live in Florida, were at a conference in Kansas City.  We were driving around sight seeing.  Suddenly we came upon the J.C. Nichols Fountain that you show in your
"Estate Remnants" section.  After an "explative deleted", I did a U-turn, parked the car and we walked up to it for a closer look.  This was the same fountain that we as kids in Roslyn, in the late 40s or early 50s, found up in the woods on Harbor Hill. I am sure we must have climbed on it.  I've wondered ever since how it got to Kansas City.  We rambled over the wreckage of the house itself.  I remember looking through a window at the vacant pool house.  There were even indoor tennis courts in that building.  Those were "good old days".  As I remember more, I'll send the details to you.
                                                                                                                                                           Woody Search, Florida
April 21, 2005

     I grew up in Roslyn Heights and am the third generation there. My family names were WITZIG, REGAN and then mine CASTLE.  Growing up in Roslyn Heights, I think I remember that Mr. Mackay's estate was also where St. Mary's School is now as well as Canterbury and the housing behind, all the way to Guinea Woods Road (now known as Glen Cove Road).  I believe that his son, John Mackay, owned an estate on the East side of Glen Cove Road and you can see the house set back from the road (not the mansion that was moved there in the 1970s) but a house further north on Glen Cove Road.  My mother is still living in Roslyn and I will ask her for some of her memories---perhaps they might give you some more starting points.  Good luck---I am enjoying this tremendously!!!  Also a man by the name of  ----- ------  would have a lot of memories of the 50s era of Harbor Hill.  He and my uncle Renny were BEST friends and used to tell stories about camping out on the estate grounds and things like that.
                                                                                                                                                           Peggy Castle, Florida
    Roslyn High School, mentioned by Geoff below and others, was built c. 1925 on ground that was donated by Clarence H. Mackay and was originally part of his and wife Katherine's 648 acre wedding present from John W. Mackay in 1898.
     Katherine was the first female member of the Roslyn Board of Education, c.1905.
April 30, 2005

     Fascinating site. I hope many more oldtimers - and not-so-old ones too - discover it.  I graduated from Roslyn High in '55, very shortly before the awful expansion of the school took place.  The beautiful sight of the old school on the hill was transformed to the factory facade one still finds today.  I first explored MacKay's, as we called it then, while a Boy Scout in Troop # 1 (which met at the Methodist Church on Warner Avenue).  We wandered all over the place and camped in the pine grove on the northwest side of the estate.  Then for four seasons I ran Cross Country through the old Mackay estate.  Roslyn teams in those days were excellent.  Running over the estate's hills no doubt helped get us fit.  The Cross Country team won the North Shore Conference my first two years ('51-'52) and was 2nd in my junior and senior years.  "Moose" Malloy was 3rd in New York State as a junior in '51 and 8th as a senior.  Vince Castellucio and I were 3rd and 9th, respectively, our senior year in '54.  With the development of the estate into houses, the team lost its great training and racing venue.  Those who say you can't stand in the way of progress really mean you can't stand in the way of change.  Country Estates is "nice" and expensive but it surely is inferior to the scenic beauty and spectacular nature of the old Mackay estate.
                                                                                                                                                         Geoff Pietsch, Florida
    Geoff, reports that he has lived in Florida for 42 years. 36 years in Miami and 5 1/2 in Gainesville. He has been a prep history teacher and coach of both cross country and track. Yet he still thinks of Roslyn as the best place he has ever lived. He says, "Roslyn was not to big in the '50s. Having Mackay's to camp in and run through was great.  And I biked all over the North Shore - even out to Southhampton once."  Geoff includes his email address for contact as:  geoffpietsch@hotmail.com
April 30, 2005

     I am David McKay of Monroe, Michigan and I am the current President of Clan Mackay Society USA, Inc. 

     I saw your web site mentioned on the Discussion Forum of the Clan Mackay WEB page,
www.clanmackayusa.org/ .  I am delighted to see that the history of Clarence H. and John W. Mackay is being recorded here.
     John W. Mackay has been of interest to me for several years.  I have a picture of my grandfather and John at about the same age.  When I compare the two I am amazed at the resemblances.  I have tried to find some genealogy on John's heritage, but it is limited.  I know he was of Irish descent and my grandfather was Scottish.  So the resemblance may just be the style of the times and the pictures.  Thank you again for the creation of this WEB site.
                                                                     David R. McKay
                                                 President Clan Mackay Society USA, Inc.
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