Updated April 4, 2005
Mackay Stories, p.5
    Below are several excerpts and photos from Wallace Kaufman, a grandson of William H. Pickering. "Billy" Pickering was one of 300 men initially hired to work on the Mackay Estate when it was first being built, c.1900-1901.
     William Pickering's name is known to those of us interested in Roslyn history because after beginning as a gardener at the Mackay Estate, he became the estate photographer.  Billy Pickering was an entrepreneu who saw
opportunity and took it. He saved his money and opened a newspaper store providing papers to all the surrounding estates. He quickly expanded his establishment to include rare books, cigars, candy, post cards, stationary, photo supplies, antiques, etc.
     William Pickering left a lasting legacy to Roslyn in the form of an extensive photographic record. Many of his early photos now reside at Roslyn's Bryant Library and are available for research.
     Thanks Wallace for giving us some personal insight into your family's Roslyn roots and their connection with Harbor Hill and the Mackays.
March 6, 2005

     My Aunt Anne (Anne Pickering Buck, b. 1906) often told us and others that the Mackays would send a chauffeur to Trinity Episcopal Church to announce that they would bring a few children up to Harbor Hill to play with Clarence and Katherine Mackay's second daughter Ellin. My aunt was "chosen" a few times. [Ellin was born in 1903 and later married Irving Berlin in 1926] [Mrs. Mackay attended Trinity Episcopal Church and reserved pew #1 which had a book rack painted gold.]

     I have pictures of the family in the early 1900s and of Roslyn, but nothing of the Mackay Estate or family. My grandfather took hundreds or thousands of photos at the estate but his agreement with Mr. Mackay was that he would never use or sell any pictures he took there. He was a man of his word, and as far as I know no one in the family has any photos from Harbor Hill.

     I am attaching a picture of my mother, Emma, about 1914 or 1915. She is wearing a fur coat given to her or her mother by the Mackays. I'll also attach one or two pictures of my grandfather and his store where the Mackay chauffeur or other staff picked up the daily papers for the estate. The children pictured on the ladder descend in age to my Aunt Anne, perhaps a year before my mother, the last of ten children, was born.
                                                                                                                                                       Wallace Kaufman, Oregon
Emma Pickering and Jud, c.1914-15

that's a
fur coat!
Grandfather & Grandmother Pickering and "the Pickering Ladder". Anne is at the bottom (one of the first 9 children died)
East Broadway Pickering store during a good old Roslyn snow storm.
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