Updated April 7, 2005
Mackay Stories, p.4
February 9, 2005

     I lived in Roslyn for 29 years and used to hike the old estate.  I was a fan of John W. Mackay, Clarence's son, who wrote a couple of books on bird hunting.  I train dogs for upland bird hunting and field trials.  I hiked the old estate in the late 40's and was always happy to find an old paper shot shell as a trophy!  John's book,
Mark has a couple of pictures taken in Roslyn, but they could have been anywhere. The last entry in the last chapter, "Patience Island" is signed Roslyn, New York.
                                                                                                                                                     Michael Siegel, Pennsylvania
   If you have interest in another look at Roslyn history or upland bird hunting or raising hunting dogs, visit Michael's website at www.pitt.edu/~siegel/ and read about his Brittanies and his reminiscenses.  Well done.
February 20, 2005

     Loved your website.  Rachael Mackie, Ted Mackie's wife, was my father's cousin.  My father was Albert V. Horton.  There are two Mackay stories I remember my father telling.

     Teddy Mackie was Mr. Mackay's "man-Friday", valet and driver.  When dressing, Mr. Mackay would get completely dressed, top hat and all, then put on his trousers.

     The other story, when Mr. Mackay had a hunting party out on the east end of Long Island, all his guests would arrive at the Roslyn Railroad Station.  There, each two guests would get in a limo and be driven out to
Gardiners Island.  Mr. Mackay would only allow two guests per limo.  When all the hunting party guests were ready to hunt quail, Mr. Mackay's hired hands would go out ahead and beat the brush so the birds would fly.

     Some place I have pictures of the entrance that a friend of mine gave me. Her parents worked for the Mackays and lived right across the street from the entrance to the estate. The family name was McAlpine.

                                                                                                                                               Marilyn Horton Frame, New York
Gardiners Island is located on a line between Orient Point and Montauk Point, Long Island.
(Gardiners Island is the large half-moon shaped island in Gardiner's Bay on the 1939 Esso map below)
Mr. Mackay had a twenty year lease on the property between 1916-1936. He used it as
his private game preserve and it was the scene of countless upland bird hunts.
Anyone interested in details: see the book,
Mark! by Clarence Mackay's son, John W. Mackay, 1956
February 25, 2005

     Grew up in Bayside, now living in Port Washington.  Have a life long interest in North Shore history, especially old estates.  Recently became fascinated with Harbor Hill and then found this amazing website.  Thank you for putting it together.
                                                                                                                                                        Joan Hughes, New York
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