Updated May 6, 2006
Mackay Stories, p.13
2 April 2006

    Recently, while going through boxes that I've had in storage for years I came across some beautiful, original studio photos taken of the Mackay-Hawkins family.  I bought them years ago at a Hawkins estate sale being held on the parking lot grounds of the Ponderosa Ranch in Incline Village, Nevada.  We lived in Incline Village for years.  The history of the Mackay ties to the silver mines in Virginia City was fascinating.  I don't recall the exact reason for the sale.  I believe it was held by Robert Hawkins. 

     The sale included truck loads of items that had been in storage for years.  The sale went on for several days. 
I bought the photos because they were so beautiful and taken in New York City studios.  The sale included hundreds of family photos.  I didn't understand why they wouldn't be passed on to heirs.  Some are identified as Katherine Mackay Hawkins & Morgan O'Brien.  The photos also  included a large wedding photo of Katherine Mackay.  There is a large photo (10x14) not identified, of a vintage era, chauffeur driven, open touring car pulled up in front of a canopied entrance with carpeted stairs and a long, curving, tree-lined driveway.  A uniformed doorman is standing with two other men on the stairs while another gentleman is getting out of the vehicle.  He's not clearly visible from the front, but appears to be in a formal, military uniform, possibly European?  It also seems that there are quite a few medals on his chest.  My husband thinks that its a WW I French uniform.  This photo is in its' own case as though important.  Perhaps a visiting dignitary to Harbor Hill?

     It seems that there would still be family or even a museum that would like them.  Perhaps you could provide more information on Katherine's heirs?

                                                                                                                                                  Randi Atchison, Utah
17 April 2006

     Happily, the photos mentioned above have already been reunited with a family member who was very glad to give them a home.
12 April, 2006

     You deserve an award!  I have never seen such a complete and impressive collection of material pertaining to Harbor Hill.  While living on Long Island, writing about and photographing the great estates of the Gilded Age, I was never aware of such a wealth of information.

     During my next trip to Long Island I will make a point of visiting some of the remaining sites.

     Thank you,...and again...fantastic work and devotion!!!

                                                                Robert King, Dover, Delaware
Ferguson's Castle: A Dream Remembered
Raising a Fallen Treasure: The Otto H. Kahn Estate
The Vanderbilt Homes - Rizzoli International 
17 April 2006

    If you are interested in reading more about several of the great estates of Long Island's Gold Coast, and nearby areas, take a look at Robert King's books. They are filled with pictures and provide fascinating insights into what it was like to live and work on these disappearing, grand estates.  See  www.abebooks.com
19 April 2006

     I am currently developing a website for our chamber of commerce. Our small Texas town is named "Louise" after Marie Louise Antoinette (Hungerford) Bryant Mackay (1843-1928).  I am hoping I am on the right track but I think this was Clarence Mackay's mother.  We live on what was called the
Macaroni Rail Road named for some Italians that built it from Victoria, Texas to Rosenburg, Texas in the 1880s.  Louise's father (Daniel E. Hungerford) named this town after her.  Up the road is the town of Mackay, Texas named after her husband, John W. Mackay.  It's very interesting history and to find your website is so exciting.  Any chance you have a picture of Louise that we could share?  If I pull any information together that looks interesting, I'll let you know.  Thanks so much.

                                                                                                                Cindy Chamberlain,
                                                                                                                Louise, Texas