Updated Dec 27, 2007
Clarence H. Mackay
Returning From Honeymoon
"9/15/31  New York,---Clarence H. Mackay, President of the Postal Telegraph,
with Mrs. Mackay, the former Anna Case, as they returned today
on board the S.S. Olympic from a European tour".
Don't miss the bottom of this page for an artistic rendition of and a special story about the Steam Ship Olympic.
Boat deck photo shows some personality not seen in official photos!
Source: Original News Agency Photo. Photograph from Wide World Photos.
From the Collection of William H. McLaughlin
"S.S Olympic, Twilight Crossing",  by Chris Butler
This painting shows luxurious cruising in the days before Trans-Atlantic flight!
Original work of art shown here with permission from the artist.
See the must read story of this painting at The Chris Butler Art Gallery,
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S.S. Olympic was also the older sister-ship of the Titanic and even sank a U-Boat during WW I.
U-103 was sunk by Olympic on May 12, 1918 by intentional ramming in the English Channel while carrying the US 59th Infantry from New York to Southampton.