Updated March 25, 2005
Mackay Related Sites
"JDB" grew up in the 1950s-1970s in "Country Estates" (the old Mackay property), and recommends several links at the Bryant Library for those interested in pictures and additional information about Harbor Hill and the Mackay Estate.

Bryant Library, Roslyn, Nassau County, New York.
http://lilrcdigitalpilot.cdm.oclc.org/cgi-bin/adsearch.exe (search for Mackay)(44 pictures on file)
http://www.nassaulibrary.org/bryant/Localhist/BRYANTROOM.HTM (click on "Collections Inventory", then see the "Hechler Family" and the "Mackay Family" for collection contents)
The Smithsonian Institute also has pictures online in its' SIRIS-Smithsonian Institution Research Information System. Click on siris-archives.si.edu/ then search for "Clarence Mackay" for 81 historic pictures of Harbor Hill.
The University of Nevada, Reno's Keck Museum displays six pieces of the 1,350 piece silver service made by Tiffany for Marie Louise Mackay over a two year period, 1876-78.
Submarine Cable & Telegraph Related Sites
www.cial.org.uk/ John Crelin's website dedicated to history of the Commercial Cable Company.
www.Atlantic-Cable.com/ Bill Burns' Atlantic-Cable Website. Comprehensive Trans-Atlantic Cable history.
http://www.atlantic-cable.com/CableCos/CCC/ Bill Glover's Commercial Cable Company (CCC) pages. Detailed history and excellent artifacts.
http://collections.ic.gc.ca/canso/ Outstanding Canadian historical site dedicated to Trans-Atlantic Cable history.
Early Radio Related Sites
Ellery W. Stone Oral History.  Excellent 20th Century radio and telegraph history content with emphasis on IT&T.
Leonard Fuller Oral History.  Interesting background on the development of radio and its application to ship to shore communications.
Additional links to be added as they become available.
If you are a Roslyn High School alumnus and haven't registered yet on the free alumni website, I highly recommend you go to www.roslynhigh.com/ and do so.
This is an excellent site with great potential. Take a look.
There may be somebody's name there that you've been trying to find for years!