Updated April 28, 2006
Mackay Fountain, 1910 to c.1949
At Harbor Hill, Roslyn, NY - Left
But now, J.C. Nichols Fountain,
1960 to present
At Kansas City - Below
This fountain originally graced the formal gardens of the Clarence H. Mackay Estate called "Harbor Hill" in Roslyn, New York. (see small picture on top of this page) The fountain was discovered in a salvage yard c.1951, shipped to Kansas City and restored to the beautiful condition seen here.

The fountain was created in Paris by sculptor Henri Greber in 1910.
Although actual meaning of the statuary is uncertain, the four large, cast bronze equestrian figures reportedly represent four mighty rivers of the world:
the Rhine, the Seine, the Volga and the Mississippi.

Today this fountain is known as the

J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.
Its' location since its' 1960 dedication is 47th Street and J.C. Nichols Parkway.
(Fountain Photo credits: Bill McLaughlin, Website author)
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