Updated November 23, 2004
Commercial Cable Company - The First Cable Landing
at Coney Island, New York - October 18, 1884
WAITING FOR THE CABLE TO BE LANDED, MANHATTAN BEACH, CONEY ISLAND, NY Illustration from Harper's Weekly, dated October 23, 1884
120 year old News Flash!
"Work upon the land cables at either end of the line is progressing rapidly. From here, the wire is being brought across Long Island, over the Brooklyn Bridge (just opened in 1883), and trenched under the streets of New York to the new offices of the company at the corner of Wall and Broad Streets. On the other side of the ocean, the large stations at Canso and Rockport are nearly completed. The cable line which is to be laid between Harve, France and Waterville, Ireland, has been manufactured, and only awaits the return of the steamer Faraday to lay it. Meanwhile, the Faraday is repairing the break in the Commercial Cable on the Banks of Newfoundland. A few days more, and the new electric chain between New York and Europe will be complete and in perfect working order, bringing the distant places of the earth a long step nearer together, and, it is hoped, securing cheaper rates to the great business public."

Text above is from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper dated Nov. 8, 1884.
Interested in where the Faraday is today?

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Duncan Gunn-Russell, Posted on: October 5, 2004

"...A wreck well worth a dive on is the Faraday. This is to be found close to the cliffs just below St. Annes Head Lighthouse at the entrance to Milford Haven. It is a shallow wreck of a cable layer (in about 12 meters). It is well broken up but offers a good rummage as well as a lot of sea-life but can be prone to kelp."