Updated January 26, 2008
Art, Armor and Tapestry
Harbor Hill Display Areas 1932 Sale to
the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Three of Mackay's Best Harnesses
(Suits of Armor)
The Crown Jewel of Mackay's
Arms and Armor Collection
Former Mackay Arms & Armor
in Higgins Armory Museum, Worscester, MA
Gothic Tapestry Collection
Saga of the French Renaissance Cabinet -
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W. R. Valentiner's book,
The Clarence H. Mackay Collection
Paintings of the Italian Tradition from Gothic Origin to the
High Rennaissance
(In preparation)
Mackay Fountain Sculptures -
Today in Kansas City
Mackay's Collecting Success -
Artistic Unity
Critique by Royal Cortissoz.
Collecting on the Grand Scale.
What made Mr. Mackay spend?
Estate Sale of Collections -
1939 to 1942
(In preparation)