Updated May 21, 2006
Katherine Duer Mackay, the First Mrs. Clarence Mackay, c. 1905
    Katherine Duer Mackay (1880-1930) was a beautiful debutante from an old, high society, New York family.
     Clarence met her on a steamship crossing between New York and England in about 1897. They fell in love and were married on May 17, 1898. 
     Harbor Hill, the site of their future estate with the striking view of Hempstead Harbor, was Katherine's and Clarie's wedding present from the senior Mackays. Katherine oversaw much of the design and building of their mansion at Harbor Hill. 
     Katherine was a suffragette and a champion of womens rights and became the first woman member of the Roslyn school board in 1905.
Shockingly, Katherine left Clarence and her three children to run away with Clarence's doctor, Dr. Joseph Blake in 1910. The marriage officially ended in divorce in Paris in 1914.
     Katherine returned to New York in 1930 and briefly tried to rekindle her former marriage with Clarence.  He visited her but, tragically, she died of cancer that same year.
Anna Case Mackay, the second Mrs. Mackay
    Anna Case (1888-1984)  was a soprano who sang both opera and as a concert soloist. "Her life changed dramatically following an engagement to sing at a private musicale given in the home of Clarence H. Mackay (c.1916).  Taken with her beauty, he sent a carload of flowers to her at her next Carnegie Hall recital, enclosing a small diamond band with an enamel bluebird in the center."

     Because of religious convictions, Mr. Mackay would not remarry as long as his first wife, Katherine, lived.  Katherine died in 1930.  Clarence and Anna were married at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Roslyn, NY in 1931.

     Anna was given a great deal of credit by those who knew both Clarence and her for helping him cope with his financial difficulties in the early 1930s and with his ill health during the last two years of his life.
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