Updated May 21, 2006
    The fascinating photo below is signed, "To Mr. and Mrs. Lee Murtaugh, With our best wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Mackay, July 20th 1937".
    This photo was presented to the grandparents of Michael Burnett.  Michael resides in Pennslyvania today. Brownie and Duke were two of the Mackay's favorite bird hunting dogs.

     Michael writes that his grandfather, Lee Murtaugh, operated the Harbor Hill dairy operation, making butter, cream and ice cream.  His grandmother, Madeline Murtaugh, was the designated tennis player.  When a guest wanted to play tennis, she would play with them.  Madeline also reportedly opened the gate for Irving Berlin when he came to the estate to visit Ellin on the sly during the period of time prior to their elopment / marriage in 1926.

     Clarence's cancer returned in 1936 after a 26-27 year remission. Here he is about 14 months prior to passing away in November 1938.  I am unsure of the house in the background, but suspect it was the 18 room house on the estate that had been the superintendent's house until the Mackays occupied it in 1933.  If you are interested in the closing and reopening dates of the mansion at Harbor Hill, refer to the