Updated August 15, 2004
"The Mackay System"
40th Anniversary - 1924
This page and the following four pages are from the long out of print "Postal Telegraph" (magazine) from June 1924. A reading of this speech gives some insight into how Clarence Mackay expressed himself and brings the reader up to date on the progress of the telegraph (1844-1924), with emphasis on the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company and The Commercial Cable Company.
A Very Interesting Trio
John W. Mackay, 2nd was Clarence Mackay's only son. He was named after his illustrious grandfather, pictured above.  John W. Mackay, 2nd is shown here at the age of 16 or 17.

Clarence hoped in 1924 that his son would develope an interest in the telegraph business and eventually take over the reins of the Postal Telegraph - Commercial Cable Company. This did not to come to pass. In 1928, a mere four years after this 40th anniversary celebration, Clarence sold his holdings to the International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) Company.

John W. Mackay, 2nd tried his hand at several things and eventually became involved in real estate. The Harbor Hill estate became his property upon his father's death in 1938. He gradually disposed of the property, leasing and then selling 50 acres to the Air Force and finally selling the rest of the land to the developers of Country Estates.